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Groovy/Grails June Meetup - Deep Dive Into Actual Grails Project

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Jean B. and 2 others


This month we will do a deep dive into a real Grails project / product of fairly high sophistication.

EnergyScoreCards is the application I work on. It's a data platform and BI tool for helping organizations make decision around energy efficiency of residential buildings.

It's been built from the ground up using Grails for the last two years with a team that now totals five (and hiring). It's actually three different products that share the same database backend. We are currently on Grails 1.3.6 and use a variety of standard plugins.


Deep-GORM-API level authorization using Shiro Customized Nimble Plugin for security UI Multi-Tenant Architecture A lot of Excel Import / Export capabilities Application Factored into several Internal Plugins Testing Infrastructure Hudson / Jenkins GEB Integration & Unit Tests Screen Scraping Server using HTMLUnit Cool Filtering Framework Email Sending UI Graphing using HighCharts Library JQuery & JQuery UI Help SubSystem - miniCMS Monitoring / Management using Melody / App-Info Plugin Spring-Cache Plugin for Caching Batch Jobs Using Quartz Plugin Asynchronous Processing Third Party API Integrations

2 Penn Plaza, 18th floor · New York, NY
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