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The witches of Grailwood Coven follow the movements of earth, moon, sun and stars amidst the steel towers of our huge stone city of New York. This island, surrounded by rivers and salt sea, is one of the hubs of the human world; it could be easy here to forget or ignore the song of the Trees, and the Animal Spirits, and the voices of the Ancestral Past.

But it is our understanding of the grail quest to seek the truth about the mysterious connection between us and all the Cosmos: to understand both intellectually (science) and emotionally (art) the joy of creation and attunement to that creation.

As we perceive that mystical link with all, both manifest and unmanifest, past future and present, of worlds seen and unseen, we must step up to the responsibility of modifying our behavior, to treat with equity and respect all that is in existence. This is the dream of our Craft. This is the work of our Times.

So mote it be.

~~ Silkie O-Ishi, High Priestess of Grailwood Coven

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Grailwood Covens Vernal Equinox Ritual & Celebration

The Producer's Club

Grailwood Coven's Halloween Ritual & Celebration

The Producer's Club

Grailwood Coven's Autumnal Eqionox Ritual & Celebration 2018

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