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Granite State Code Review Nightly

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Jim W.
Granite State Code Review Nightly


We meet online every weeknight at 9PM US Eastern.

Originally intended to keep community connected regionally while we "flatten the curve" globally, this "two week experiment" has extended with social distancing into 2021... If there could be an "upside" to the COVID crisis, maybe it's things like this.

Join the community to

  • build coding skills.
  • problem solve.
  • develop a professional network.
  • develop professional accountability.

It's about you & your code journey in the "social distancing" era.

You never know who will drop by...

Network with software tech community, ask questions, get solutions. It's a bit of a box of chocolates.

Hosted by Jim Wilcox, seasoned hands-on software architect and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional ("MVP") in Developer Technologies 2019-2022.

Be aware that Friday nights will be simulcast as a LinkedIn Live stream event, and thus recorded and published. If you prefer not to be recorded and published, please join us on LinkedIn.
Hosted by the Granite State (NH) .NET Developers, inspired by #HopeHour.

#HopeHour is:
An hour devoted to the all the good in us and around us.
“If you need to talk to someone,
If you just don’t want to be alone,
We're with you. We wanted to set an hour of the day aside to be alongside you, to be together. Would you join us?”

If you’re feeling:
Bored, anxious, lonely, frustrated, excited, hangry, hopeful or perfectly fine... join in.

Granite State-NH .NET
Granite State-NH .NET
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