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Learn more about graph databases, importing data, planning queries and much more

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Quick intro to graph databases and Cypher

A whirlwind tour of the property graph model and Cypher. Recent years has

seen not only the explosion of data sizes, but also the complexity and connectedness of that data. To be able to understand and efficiently query this type of data, new tools are needed.

Enter Neo4j and its query language Cypher. This talk will give you a rudimentary understanding of why and how to use these powerful tools.


Hi, I'm Andrés Taylor, the creator of Cypher. Before diving head first into the wonderful world of graphs, I spent a decade working with SQL databases as a DBA and as a backend developer.

Importing data into Neo4j 2.1 with LOAD CSV

In the upcoming release of Neo4j, Cypher will include a new clause LOAD CSV that will make it very easy to import existing data from CSV files into the graph database. In this talk, I’ll demonstrate how the new feature can be used to quickly take a freely available data set off the Web, import it into Neo4j and perform interesting queries on it that provide insights about the connectedness of the data.


Jakub Wieczorek

Query Planning in Neo4j

One of the most challenging problem for a declarative query language is how to execute efficiently against the database. The declarative nature of a query language usually allows for several different way of executing a query which might differ in complexity and performance.

Since exploring the whole set of possible plan is not feasible, we have implemented a greedy heuristic to find quickly a ‘“good enough plan” to execute. Such heuristic builds the plan by choosing the cheapest global operation available at a given point in time.


Davide Grohmann

Cypher Fun

Cypher is not only an amazing graph query language - it is also great fun! In this talk we’ll look at ways to use and abuse Cypher. We’ll look at examples that range from practical use cases like social networks and route finding to the theoretically interesting (koch curves) and give due attention to the esoteric and fun as well (surprise). Most of the examples will be available in the form of a graph gist for later experimentation and adaptation by the audience.


My name is Stefan Plantikow and I’m one of the Cypher core developers. I’m based in Berlin and interested in all things NoSQL. Before joining Neo I spent a couple of years in academia doing research in distributed systems and graph partitioning.


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