2 Talks: Integrating Neo4j with either Meteor or MongoDB


I know it is short notice, but super exciting, so please help us promote the meetup to your colleagues and friends.

We have two visitors in Berlin on Aug 13, Sam Corcos from LA and Hannelita Tavante from Sao Paolo Brazil.

Sam will speak about integration Neo4j and Meteor.

Hanneli will present her work on a MongoDB DocManager for Neo4j which allows you to sync data from MongoDB to Neo4j.

Meteor & Neo4j

Sam Corcos (https://twitter.com/SamCorcos) is visiting us in Berlin. His brother Chet (https://twitter.com/ccorcos) worked on an integration of Neo4j with Meteor (https://www.meteor.com/), which Sam documented in several posts on Medium.

Sam will introduce the integration to us an demo an example application that also highlights the built-in live-query functionality with Neo4j queries that so far worked only with MongoDB.


* Medium Neo4j with Meteor (https://medium.com/@SamCorcos/connecting-meteor-to-a-neo4j-database-and-deploying-with-graphenedb-3321966c3102)

* Medium: Any Database with Meteor (https://medium.com/@SamCorcos/meteor-any-database-7f237f2448f0)

* Package: ccorcos:neo4j (https://atmospherejs.com/ccorcos/neo4j) (GitHub (https://github.com/ccorcos/meteor-neo4j/))

MongoDB & Neo4j

Hanneli Tavante (https://twitter.com/hannelita), the Neo4j enthusiast and user-group organizer from Sao Paolo Brazil, will visit Germany for Eurucamp and for Froscon.

She's been working with and educating about Neo4j for many years (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tpj-Tspum98).

Recently she started to work on a MongoDB Neo4j Connector which implements a DocManager to sync data.

She will introduce the thinking behind it, and the implementation and demo the connection between MongoDB and Neo4j.


* Neo4j DocManager on GitHub (https://github.com/neo4j-contrib/neo4j_doc_manager)

* Article Integrating MongoDB with Neo4j (http://neo4j.com/blog/polyglot-persistence-mongodb-wanderu-case-study/)