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Compétition GraphGist décembre 2013 : Gagnez de l'argent et des T-Shirt Neo4j !

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GraphGist December Challenge

Join our GraphGist Challenge this month. We want to encourage you to model one of the domains we list below in a graph model and describe it interactively in a GraphGist.
A GraphGist is just a basic AsciiDoc text file, and can be hosted simply in a GitHub Gist but rendered as an interactive page in the browser.
To make this more interesting we want to offer some prizes in these categories.


This time we want you to look into these 10 categories and provide us with really easy to understand and still insightful Graph Use-Cases:

Do not take the example keywords literally, you know your domain much better than we do!

Education - Schools, Universities, Courses, Planning, Management etc
Finance - Loans, Risks Fraud
Life Science - Biology, Genetics, Drug research, Medicine, Doctors, Referrals
Manufacturing - production line management, supply chain, parts list, product lines
Sports - Football, Baseball, Olympics, Public Sports
Resources - Energy Market, Consumption, Resource exploration, Green Energy, Climate Modeling
Retail - Recommendations, Product categories, Price Management, Seasons, Collections
Telecommunication - Infrastructure, Authorization, Planning, Impact
Transport - Shipping, Logistics, Flights, Cruises, Road/Train optimizations, Schedules
Advanced Graph Gists - for those of you that run outside of the competition anyway, give your best :)


We want to offer in each of our 10 categories Amazon gift-cards valued:

Winner: 300 USD
Second: 150 USD
Third: 50 USD

Every participant gets a special GraphGist t-shirt too.

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