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Domain-Driven Design and GRANDstack (GraphQL, React, Apollo, Neo4j Database)

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In anticipation for GraphTour (, we are co-hosting this event with our friends at React Israel Meetup! ( !

18:30 - meet and mingle

19:00 - Migrating your DB to a DDD system with Neo4j, Shahar Shaked
AppsFlyer Migrating your DB is a huge decision!
Most of the time the reason is not only moving to a more advanced or stable one, it's modeling your data in a way that will simplify current developments and make future developments easier.

Since Most of DDD (Domain-Driven Design) concepts apply to Neo4j, understanding them will make the process of migration feels like a charm.

On this session I would like to share our experience at AppsFlyer, in the challenging migration process of one of our production DB to Neo4j, and why it seems like the best solution for us.

Shahar is a full stack team leader at AppsFlyer with over 12 years of development experience. Before joining AppsFlyer he ran his own activity with a clear target to create a product that will help a lot of peoples benefit from the new 'Collaborative Consumption' way of life. on his free time, he loves to read, exercise and spending a lot of time with his friends and family.

19:40 - Break

20:00 - All about GRANDstack (GraphQL, React, Apollo, Neo4j Database), Mark Needham (, Developer Relations Engineer at Neo4j (

Full-stack developers need to choose the right tools for building complex web applications. The stack of tools they choose need to ensure developer productivity for building highly scalable applications using production ready tools that have integrations to ensure they work together nicely. In this presentation we explore application development using the (GraphQL, React, Apollo, Neo4j) for building web applications backed by a graph database.

We will explore building a movie recommendations web application using:

* React
* GraphQL
* Apollo
* Neo4j

We will learn just enough of each component to build a simple web application, including how to build a React component, an introduction to JSX, an overview of GraphQL and why it is a game-changer for front-end development, and we'll learn how to model, store, and query data in the Neo4j graph database using GraphQL to power our web application.

After this talk you’ll have an understanding of the role each component plays in the stack, but especially why GraphQL is even more powerful when combined with a graph database such as Neo4j. Using graphs on the backend as well as the front-end allows for removing the mapping and translation layer, simplifying development and allows the developer to leverage the power of graphs for expressing complex data models as well as the power of graph database queries that can be used for (in this example) generating real-time personalized recommendations.

21:00 - Raffle! You have a chance to win a free ticket to ReactNext Conference!