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What we’re about

Lets co-work virtually! Bring your side hustle, your passion projects, your freelance or overtime work and join other pro designers doing the same thing.

Use this group for accountability on personal projects you keep procrastinating on, getting and sharing tips and tricks, getting and sharing usable, kind and supportive feedback or just taking the edge off of working alone.

We'll do a check in at the beginning for meet/greeting, tip sharing and the like (this group is experimental so things will evolve). Then we get to work. Camera on or off. Stay as long as you like or leave if you need to. We'll keep it loose.

We may do a check in at the end to see how it went.

In the middle, use the chat feature to ask questions, share interesting finds, ask for design feedback, curse Photoshop for crashing... the usual design stuff that happens in IRL offices. Memes welcome.

This group will grow and evolve so if you have an idea to share — bring it!