What we're about

who should join? foodies, chefs (homemaker cooks, culinary school students, professional personal chefs), local farms (urban, micro, organic, co-op, family-owned, and small farms), localists, farm-to-table enthusiasts, slow-food movement supporters, and those who are concerned about the growing carbon footprint associated with globalized, commercial food production.

a bit about me and why i started this meetup: i'm a foodie, localist, farm-to-table enthusiast, and in support of localized, sustainable sourcing of food. i got my first job at the age of 13, working on my uncle's farms and in his greenhouses. i advocate for culinary adventures, community building, inclusion, belonging, participation by all socio-economic levels, and economic empowerment of the local community. i'm also a local technology founder, single mom, and immigrant. i've created a free farm-to-table mobile app that officially launched on february 2, 2018. it's a community-driven marketplace app that gives culinary adventures to foodies, while giving work to local chefs, and visibility to local farms. foodies, homemaker cooks, culinary students, professional chefs, and local farms all participate. it's a tool i created in support of helping us move away from globalized, commercial food production, toward localized, sustainable sourcing of our food.

what will we do? collaborate, support, advocate, and create/host local events around conscious eating, conscious sourcing of food, and expansion of the conversation around our connection with food and with the earth. together, we'll generate authentic, meaningful traction in support of this grassroots movement.

what i want to say to you: i'm grateful for your participation, community support, and sincere desire to help local communities gain a greater voice for their greater good.

with gratitude,

roza ferdowsmakan




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