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The Builder pattern in C++

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The Builder pattern in C++


The Builder design pattern is applied when many optional attributes are required to initialize a class. It results in a very expressive way to customize the different fields of a class.

In this meetup we shall demonstrate a pragmatic approach to the pattern, implemented in C++. Three variants are presented, with the first one being so basic that some may not even qualify it as a Builder. The last one is more "traditional" yet still relatively simple.

If you want to read more about the Builder pattern to brush up your knowledge feel free to check out some good reading material ([], [Vishal Chovatiya]).

🎤 If there are English speakers present, the meetup will be held in English, otherwise in Greek.
🎈In the end of the event we will hand out 2 yearly licenses for a JetBrains IDE.

[GRCCP] - Athens C++ Meetup
[GRCCP] - Athens C++ Meetup
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