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Error reporting: From C to C++23

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Dimitris P.
Error reporting: From C to C++23


Recovering from errors is not always possible. And there can be many types of errors: System resources are not available, wrong values are passed via public interfaces, logical issues, out of bounds access etc.
C++ offers several ways to report what went wrong. A well-thought strategy improves maintainability and leaves less room for human mistakes.

In this meetup we will present different ways to report errors in C++. The presentation will span from returning a boolean or a invalid value, to type-safe unions of C++17 and "exotic" types designed for error reporting, present in C++23.
The goal is to evaluate the different strategies based on the ambiguity of what went wrong and how much room for misuse they allow us.

=== LANGUAGE ===
🎤 If there are English speakers present, the meetup will be held in English, otherwise in Greek.
=== JetBrains license ruffle ===
🎈 At the end of the event we will hand out 2 yearly licenses for a JetBrains IDE.

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[GRCCP] - Athens C++ Meetup
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