What we're about

Welcome Earthlings!

This group is for those who have had experiences with UFO's, extraterrestrials, or are interested in learning about these statistical certainties of a vast universe.

The intention of this group is to connect, discuss co-creative, collaborative potentials of realizing and contributing to earth's and humanity's evolution to galactic/intergalactic citizenry and strategies of action to do so.

Through our sharing and learning we weave together the tapestry of cosmic citizenry in which all of us may live in peace, abundance, harmony and joy.

Topics that most likely will arise are: secrets and cover-ups of UFO's/ET's, suppressed technologies, targeted individuals (non-consensual use of technology on humans), energy healing potentials and modalities, ascension, consciousness, or whatever related subject is on your mind!

This group will evolve as we do:)

Meetings will be held in Chicago, IL (keep alert for changing locations around the city, as we are looking for to change up the venue from time to time). Hope to see you there!

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