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What we’re about

Green Living is about sharing the simplest tools, tips and tricks to start us all leading happier, healthier and greener lives! 

The founders of Green Living are Militza Maury (the mummy author of Little Green Dot, a guide on the best ideas, brands and places to living an eco-friendly lifestyle - see and Delphinia Tam-Lower (a mum of two and part of the family behind Four Cow Farm, a range of all-natural baby skincare made right on the family farm in Maleny, Australia - see 

Green Living was inspired by the desire to share all the knowledge, tips, tricks and tools that have made our and our families' lives greener, simpler, healthier ones. From creating our own eco-friendly household cleansers to tackling apartment composting to making our own playdough, we've tried a ton of things! 

And Green Living was created to share our discoveries and learnings with others through workshops, talks, write-ups and blogs. Because as we've found, it only takes a few simple steps to begin Green Living today :) 

(Militza is currently happily based in sunny Singapore and Del is happy on the farm in Australia)