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What we’re about

Welcome people of all faiths and spiritual traditions who love the Earth! We are an interfaith group working together to protect the planet and create a more compassionate, loving and just world. We host monthly social meetups, cross-quarter gatherings and interfaith actions within our Boulder County communities that provide opportunities for spiritual reflection, education, training, and creative mobilizing around climate change and environmental justice.

All our events are free, and all are welcome.

Our members include people of all spiritual paths, including Quaker, Catholic, Buddhist, Jewish, Sufi, Earth-Centered, Unitarian, Lutheran, Methodist, Episcopalian, and Mennonite, among others...

GreenFaith Boulder County is part of a global Circles network with GreenFaith, a worldwide, multi-faith climate and environmental justice movement.

We engage with the GreenFaith International Network through regular joint calls, training, global campaigns and calls to action.

The Earth and all beings are sacred, and at risk. As people of faith, our hearts are called to respond, and our spiritual practices give us the courage to turn toward these challenges.

We come together to share strength, wisdom and tools for this work, to learn, grow and take action.

People of faith and conscience have an irreplaceable role to play in working for climate and environmental justice. Spiritual life is one of connectedness—with each other and all of nature. It is a world of flourishing life that replaces despair with joy, scarcity with shared abundance, and privilege with justly distributed power.

GreenFaith is building a movement that is diverse, strong, and loving enough to transform our world.

We invite you to join us.

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