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What we’re about

Looking to make authentic friendships in Greensboro? We are focused on friendship, great conversation, and good times with a spirit of inclusion. We host small group events, usually 10 people or fewer, which makes us different from some other social groups in town.

We are not a singles group--looking for dates is not part of the atmosphere, but single people are welcome. We're probably half-and-half couples and singles. Everyone is equally valued here. We tend to be in our 40s-50s, but if you're younger or part of a cross-generational couple, you are also very welcome! Many people who are part of this group are new in town or newish, and we love that! We also have members who have been here in town longer, but want to reach out and keep growing meaningful friendships.

To join you MUST upload a profile pic that shows you and only you. We keep this rule as a safety precaution to protect you and our other members from impersonation.

Our focus is on friendship-building. We understand that forming a friendship is a complex interaction and takes the right timing and common interests. We foster a positive, warm, inclusive, gossip-free and drama-free group that allows friendship to develop naturally. We plan to schedule a variety of activities depending on group interests and group suggestions: mixers, dinners, game nights, walks and hikes, sports games, coffee, trivia, karaoke, lunches, whatever you like! We keep our meet-ups small enough to truly allow people to talk and mingle.

We expect everyone to make all attendees feel welcome at all events and create a great atmosphere. Thank you for bringing your positive energy to this group. Let's have some fun and get to know each other!

One note about RSVPs: GSO Friendship Builders specializes in small group events, so we ask that you honor your RSVP and do not drop out at the last minute. Saying you are attending an event should be considered a commitment, not a tentative idea, so you don’t take a spot away from someone else. We will be keeping track of last-minute no-shows, so we all know we can count on each other to show up! If you RSVP multiple times without showing up, we will ask you to stop attending for a time in order to make sure others have a chance. Thank you for understanding! Clearly, it won't work to keep scheduling events for 10 and have only 2 people show up, so we have to ask you to take your RSVP seriously.

Greensboro Friendship Builders welcomes people of any race, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation. The group policy is respect, kindness, and inclusion for all attendees.