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This is a unique local group for those of us that have lost a significant other. All ages are welcome. The loss of a partner is the same if you are 60 or 20 and this group is for those of us who are not ready to give up on life. My hope is that this site will enable us to meet new friends that we can identify with, no matter the age.

Many of us have found that we don't fit in anymore; our old friends have gone away now that we are not a couple anymore. Many people that haven't experienced similar losses expect us to "bounce back" right away or just "get over it". Oftentimes, they don't want us to talk about our loss or our feelings. Unless they have been there, they have no idea how we feel or what we are going thru. Then again, those that are in relationships want to avoid dealing with issues that remind them of their own, and of their spouses' mortality. But we CAN and DO understand, only because we've all been there. For the newly widowed, we hope that you will feel empowered by seeing others like ourselves, that have pulled thru the worse of times, as you will, too, in time.

What we provides is ongoing grief support thru fun, relaxed, casual, companionship and conversation, at monthly dinners, get-togethers where we talk almost non-stop, and make new friends, plus we schedule other fun activities and outings. Our members find it is very comforting to be around others like themselves that really do understand, and I always learn something new from talking with my fellow widows and widowers, who are filled with valuable information they are readily willing to share.

We post positive quotes, affirmations, words of wisdom, and health articles from numerous sources, to remind us of how vital it is to keep focused on staying positive, healthy, and grateful for what we do have.

This is not a deep grief counseling group, per se. Yes, we will be there for those who are in deep grief to help them through it as much as we can, but we are mainly a social group comprised of very special and unique men and women. We are here for people who are ready to enjoy fun companionship, (with some of the sweetest people on earth), at activities where we can "fit in", instead of being alone because we feel we no longer fit the "singles scene" or we feel like a 5th wheel now.

We do require a few things from you. You must answer all of the profile questions honestly and completely, this is required before we can accept your request to join. We do not allow any sales pitches, nor do we allow members to ask for money or to borrow money from other members. And also, we ask that you not contact other members unless you first meet and agree to such contact. Our members value their privacy. You may email me, however, if you have questions or comments, and I welcome any discussion started on the message board intended for the benefit of everyone.

One last thing, if you can not make a gathering, please UN-RSVP ASAP before the event so that others will not be kept waiting for you.

We also welcome any input or ideas for outings. So please feel free to suggest an outing, schedule an outing, or volunteer to be an event organizer! Please recommend a good restaurant or event you think the group would enjoy .

This group is for you and I, the members, it exists solely for our benefit. It is here to help us feel better, to help us heal, as we work our way through our sadness. After all, don't we all deserve a little support, compassion, kindness, and understanding, along the way, to help us get through our pain? I think we deserve that and so much more!

This is and always will be, a non-profit group. All efforts made here on behalf of the group are entirely a labor of love on my part, and you will never be charged by this group for joining or for attending any function, unless the venue charges at the door, for instance a movie house, theatre, dance, etc.



This group does NOT take the place of professional grief counseling. I would advise someone in the very early stages of grief to seek counseling through a therapist or newly bereaved grief meetings but it does not preclude you from being a member here. You need all the resources you can get. Our members are widespread, so you may try dialing 211 or 311 to find support groups in your area. Hospices and hospitals often offer grief support groups.

For the newly bereaved, there are several other meet ups you may be interested in, one really good Meetup is called GriefShare, a Christian based grief support group sponsored by the larger United Methodist Churches in your area. They offer ongoing grief support groups at little to no cost.

You don't have to be a member or even a church goer to attend.

Other Resources:

Bosplace.org - has information on their free grief support groups and classes, and

SpiritualityandHealth.org - has info on their free grief support groups and other activities.

The purpose of our group is to have the companionship of others who understand what we have gone through and share our fears of the future.

We welcome those who have had a recent loss as well as those who are further along in the grief process.

Support is a continuing need as our life progresses from intense grief to more day to day living, and thru the ups and downs of the roller coaster ride we are on.

Widows and widowers are some of the most understanding people on earth. As we meet we develop an instant bond because we know we have shared a common and very daunting loss and are still sharing many grief processes no matter how long it has been.

We are of differing ages. Some have tragically been widowed at a very early age and are raising children alone. Some of us are older yet, but still with a great many years left to live; and we wonder if we are to spend it alone or if we can find another love at an older age.

Some of us are facing the issues of dating again, having sex again, and other fears of what the future holds for us.

Whatever the need, we will be here to love and support each other through the process of moving forward with our lives; through our journey toward healing.

We understand the sorrows that new grief brings, we also understand the need to laugh again and have fun again, so while sad talk is not off the table, neither is laughing and having fun.

Thank you, and welcome!

Gigi/Rebecca Fay



(And to our beloved animal companions. I honestly believe that God has a special place for them in heaven, too!)



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