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Grin & Mimblewimble London: 3rd Meetup - new venue

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Daniel L. and 2 others


We're back with the 3rd London Meetup to discuss Grin and the Mimblewimble protocol.

One week ahead of the planned launch date of Mainnet, we're hosting a meet & greet with a general introduction to Grin, some status updates on things that have happened since we last met, a Q&A with lead developer Yeastplume, ongoing community efforts & projects, and how to become more involved in Grin.

For any questions get in touch by sending us a message here on Meetup.

Tentative agenda:
18:30-18:45: Meet & Greet
18:45-19:15: Grin intro / status (Daniel)
19:15-19:45: Q&A with Yeastplume
19:45-20:15: Grin projects / Open floor
20:15-20:25: Mingle
20:25-20:30: Wrap up

More info about Grin & Mimblewimble:

Join the Grin community:

Weekly updates on Grin & Mimblewimble:

This time around, we're kindly hosted by CoinDesk Meetups. CoinDesk Meetups support community events with free event space and more. Get in touch with Joon at

79-81 Paul Street · London, al
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