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An emotionally healthy person is a happy person, so if you are not as happy as you can be, you can use some emotional healing. What is emotional healing? Emotional healing is aimed at helping you recover from difficult relationships, traumatic events, and painful breakups. It helps you let go of the pain you have suffered, and it frees you up to confront and move on into the future with an open heart and a positive attitude.

In this group, we will learn about how to heal our minds and hearts. We will have free weekly meetings to learn knowledge and tools together.

We will meet weekly near Marconi and Watt in Sacramento.

If you are interested, join this group now!

This group is created by the Dianetics & Scientology life improvement center.

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[Online] How to Recover the Happiness You Used to Have

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This meeting is aimed at getting rid of negative emotions as a result of painful experiences and unhappy associations with angry or toxic people.

Some scars run deep from such injurious circumstances.

Fortunately, there are tools to help you FULLY healing from such life situations. The knowledge and tools do exist! In this meeting, we'll learn one of the effective tools.

(Note: We will not use any mental techniques that have negative side effects in this group, such as mind altering drugs, etc.)

This meeting will help with

  • Breakups
  • Divorce
  • Abusive ex-spouse
  • Abusive parents or guardians
  • Death of loved ones
  • Betrayals
  • And more

In this meeting we'll learn how the mind works, how the mind gets affected by painful memories, and find out a tool to help get rid of negative emotions from such traumatic experiences.

After the meeting, if you wish, you'll also have the option to consult with a mental health expert for free.

This group is created by the Dianetics & Scientology life improvement center.

[Online] Discussion about Starting and Maintaining a Good Relationship

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Failed relationships are responsible for a lot of emotional trauma, so let's discuss in this meeting how to start and maintain good relationships.

This is such an important topic, I'm surprised that there are so few resources offering classes or discussions on it.

In this group meeting, we will discuss

  • Whether someone is right for you or not.
  • How to recognize the red flags
  • Evaluate how compatible someone is with you.
  • How to improve communication in a relationship
  • How to have more honesty in the relationship
  • How to build trust

This meeting is free.

This group is created by the Dianetics & Scientology life improvement center.

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