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GROWTH is more than just 'growth hacking', it is a journey & process.

There are many who would lead you to believe that there are magical & easy ways to find success, but that is not what it is all about. Nothing can replace the hustle, grind and experience. We are interested in providing a more meaningful discussions on topics beyond just marketing. There's more to that in running or being part of a growing organization such as Sales, Management, Development, and more.

The objective is to take a systematic, data & process approach to everything you do driven by action. Technology is only a medium in which to engage & interact. This is ideal for Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs alike - growth is about building new things as well as improving things internally. We aim to be a more proactive & engaging group, instead of spoon-fed instruction.

As a member of our Meetup, you also have access to ur powerful partner platform, JoinIN (http://www.Joinin.la). Please watch a quick JoinIN Video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWjOmqBGUVM) to see all the benefits there and look here often for our upcoming Meetups.

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