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Are you in the Guerrilla Filmmaking industry?

This group welcomes anyone who is connected to the film industry be they writers, musicians, sound, lighting, editors, etc.

- Guerrilla Filmmaker is a filmmaker who may be short on money but not on passion and vision.

- They are artists who make do with the resources they have.

- They have an attitude of creativity and freedom.

The economics of film has made filmmaking a very expensive proposition for artists - guerrilla or otherwise. Guerrilla Filmmaker has a certain attitude. That attitude has to do with freedom, with experimentation, with courage and with creativity. It has to do with stepping over the bounds of what's considered the status quo in filmmaking in order to create something fresh, new and unique. The reasons a Guerrilla Filmmaker wants to make a film will vary. Sometimes it's to be a renegade. Sometimes it's to be an artist. Sometimes it's to say something that's never been said either through traditional film, digital or animation.

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