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We have officially changed our name to Georgia Foodies but we still focus on the Gwinnett area for 70% of our events. If you want to find us on Facebook, please add our group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/71502006219... (https://www.facebook.com/groups/715020062192556/?ref=br_rs) . Our website is now http://georgiafoodies.com ;

Please note:

Due to the fact that as organizers, we have to plan, make reservations and edit any matters relating to an enjoyable evening for all, when they attend these Meet Up Outings. Therefore, it has become highly necessary to impose a No Show Removal Policy within this group. If you are a no show, you will be removed. Of course, if you change your RSVP, prior to the event time, or designated closure of RSVP time allotted, it generally should not be an issue. But please, if you're not serious about attending, please change your RSVP days before the event, so that it will allow someone from the "Waitlist" to attend. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


As a foodies group, we enjoy meeting new people, experiencing new venues or revisiting old ones. We try to create a relaxing and enjoyable dining and social environment. If friendships develop and mutual respect is adhered, then all is well. However if anyone hinders upon anyone else's comfort zone, or you become a nuisance, or make any gestures to detour others from attending our Meet Ups. Then that individual will be removed from the group and will not be able to rejoin. This also applies to the venues that we attend. And the RSVP policy will be strictly enforced.

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Eating Americana

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