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Founded in San Francisco and now expanding to Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, and LA, Habit Design TM (@habitdesign) is a national network for sharing best-practices in developing sustainable, consistent daily habits (or "agile self-development") via Behavior-Change Psychology, Captology (Persuasive Technology), Game Mechanics & Techniques, Behavioral Economics, Social Psychology, etc. Our goal is to spawn local "habit labs" across the country with a focus on "what really works in habit mastery beyond 100 days". Similar to Quantified Self, we discuss our applied research of practicing daily sustainable habits in our own everyday lives utilizing methods, tools, & frameworks such as those developed & discussed by Dr. BJ Fogg (Head, Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab), The Energy Project, Leo Babauta (Zenhabits.net), Wisdom 2.0, et.al. We foster collaboration among a wide range of habit designers including entrepreneurs, Wellness companies & professionals, non-profits, trainers, coaches, academics, and everyday enthusiasts. Ultimately, we hope integrating these crowdsourced best-practices for further research/analysis will help advance innovation in this community. Habit Design TM was founded by Michael Kim (CEO/Founder, Kairos Labs, @michaelbkim). Event sponsorships are welcome! Interested parties please contact michael@habitdesign.org.

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