Cryptoparty, Afternoon Session


After the morning's introduction to cybersecurity, join us for an afternoon of presentations and discussions on online privacy, security, US policy, law and other topics.

Micah Sherr of Georgetown University will share his work on "Hidden Voice Commands," which is becoming more and more relevant with services like Siri, OK Google and Amazon Echo.

Lindsay Beck of Open Technology Fund will tell us about resources available for privacy-focused software projects. (OTF has funded many well-known privacy and internet freedom projects like Tor, Tails, Guardian Project, NoScript, K9 Mail, Qubes OS, GlobalLeaks, etc - Thanks guys!)

Ross Schulman from Open Tech Institute will talk about "Security Law in 2017." Can U.S. warrants authorize hacks of computers worldwide? Can courts require production of data stored overseas? Should strong encryption be banned? Bring your questions!

We welcome participants from Mozilla and from CommunityRED, who put secure communications technologies in the hands of at-risk communities worldwide.