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Round 32: 32-bits Will Be Good Enough For Anyone.

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The format of course stays the same: 5 minutes to show off your hack, and 5 minutes for the audience to applaud, cry, laugh, inquiry, snore, chew, stand, sit, dance, grow, interact, etc. But, of course, we hope that the audience provides lots of great feedback and asks interesting questions (probably while sitting, though dancing audience members are certainly free to participate as well)!

Show us what you've got! But, remember, no startup pitches, no work related projects[1], and no deckware! See you at Meetup! RSVPs open 7 days before, so August 19th, at noon.

If you're interested in presenting, this is the url to use:


NOTE: We are experimenting this round with a $5 RSVP fee, which will of course be donated to an organization in need. See below for more information as to why this is coming about.

[0]: Let me clarify the "no job projects" rule. We want to promote the projects that people do in their spare time, for fun, or utility, and not the kinds of projects that are only applicable to people who work in your company, or your direct clients. On the other hand, there may be a project that you've built primarily at work, that solves a general problem that your company has allowed you to release with a libre license--this is usually fine.

Questions We Expect To Be Asked

Why are you charging for this meetup?

  • We've unfortunately noticed a growing trend. RSVPs are extremely competitive to get, and people take them and cancel, or even worse, just don't show up, which means we waste 30-40 seats, but still have a waiting list of 50+.

## Why not bring back the puzzles?

  • We experimented with puzzles in the past, and they worked rather well, but excluded too many people which we'd like to be inclusive of. Plus, they were a lot of work to both create and verify.

I signed up to present, will I still be charged?

  • No! Those 20 selected RSVPs will not be charged. If you want to present, you already have "skin in the game." We're trying to make everyone who wants to attend invested enough to actually show up.

I have a fixed income / am a student / just simply don't have $5 to spare, can I still come?

  • Please contact Andrew or James, let us know, and we'll work something out! There should be no problem provided we have space.

I have another idea to combat no shows which is better than charging money! Would you like to hear it?

  • Sure! But, have you considered applying to Meetup? They're always looking for talented people with answers to these types of questions.

Umm, you just blatantly advertised Meetup! What gives?

  • Hack and Tell just turned 4, and we have Meetup to thank (largely) for the success. Without Meetup's generosity throughout the years, Hack and Tell would have been much, much, much more difficult to make work and grow the way we have. Thanks, Meetup!
632 Broadway Suite 901 · New York, NY
18 spots left