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Since we're over a year old now, let's get back to our roots! Let's do it again!

By now you know the drill, but for anyone new to the show...

5 minutes to show off a piece of hardware, a new programming language, a JavaScript library for building widgets, a Python script that computes the root mean squared error of data about ants(?), or anything else you've done on your own time for fun, rather than work related.

When the timer claps (after 5 minutes of course), you're done and we, the audience, get 5 minutes to, give constructive criticism, ask clarifying questions or remain shocked because we can't believe what we just saw--it's up to us.

If you want to demo, remember: you've gotta have something to show. No deckware! And, we'd love it if any software was libre. We just might like to take a peek or contribute to it.

As always, contact myself (Andrew) or James if you want to present something, OR, fill out the RSVP question. And also, as always, we'll confirm with you as to whether or not we'd like to see what you've got.

See you in August!

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