What we're about

Anyone who is interested in cybersecurity and penetration testing should join this group. The purpose of the meet up is to meet other infosec enthusiasts, discuss, exchange knowledge regarding cybersecurity, hack machines from Hack The Box dedicated to this gathering and enjoy.

Please join our discord and introduce yourself! https://discord.gg/zdKPgDtmCt

We meet every other Friday at 7:30PM where we'll either be tackling an active machine on Hack the Box or doing a walkthrough of a retired machine. Active machine nights are a great way to practice your skills while collaborating with others. Walkthrough nights are great for learning the tools and techniques required to conqer the machines on Hack the Box.

All skill levels are welcome! Whether you're a seasoned professional hacker, just starting to learn, or anywhere in-between we're happy to have you.

Upcoming events (1)

Hack the Box - Santa CTF

Online event

We'll be meeting together in Discord to work on the upcoming Hack the Box CTF. All skill levels are welcome and there is supposed to be some beginner friendly content. More info here: https://www.hackthebox.com/events/santa-needs-your-help

You will need to register an account at https://ctf.hackthebox.com and join our team: CharmingCrabs

Past events (4)

Hack the Box - Active Box Collaboration

Online event

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