How to Migrate NG1 to NG2. Angular2 ♥ SVG




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1) How to migrate your app from Angular 1 to Angular 2? - by Jack Tomaszewski (

> Description

Using @angular/upgrade library based on a real case example.

That is:

• how to upgrade your directives & controllers into angular1.5 components

• how to run your angular2 components inside the angular1 app, and how to connect the service objects between them.

• With some personal notes here and there what problems we had and how we solved them.

> About Speaker:

Jack ( is a self-motivated full-stack web developer with over ten years of freelance experience. Currently developing in: Ruby & Rails, Elixir & Phoenix, AngularJS, Ionic. Originally from Poland, currently living in Barcelona =)

2) Angular2 ♥ SVG - by Salvador Subarroca (

> Description

Learn how to build SVG components and interact with them

• Duotone your images: Style your images like Spotify

• Handmade graph: Let's build a funnel graph from scratch

• From 0 to 100: Stylish gauge made simple

> About Speaker:

Salvador ( has always been interested in visuals: design, UX, graphics, maps... He has worked as designer / developer for 10 years. Last 3 years only angular and currently angular2. Growing a passion for SVG