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Perl 6 compiler Q&A evening w/Jonathan Worthington

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Jonathan Worthington is in Oslo, and is willing to join us for an ad-hoc Q&A Perl 6 demo session at Hackeriet! He only wants some tasty Indian food and a couple beers, which we'll probably be able to provide. :D

Come to Hackeriet and learn about Perl 6, Rakudo, MoarVM, compilers, and all kinds of related cool topics. We have no agenda, just inviting for good times and good discussions with plenty of room for Q&A and a couple of tasty beers afterwards.


In the Perl world, Jonathan is a core developer of the Rakudo Perl 6 compiler, and architect of MoarVM. Outside of it, he's a teacher, mentor, consultant, serial traveler and beer drinker."

How to join us:

Sign up, and when you arrive at Hackeriet/Hausmania, follow the instructions at the door!

Unfamiliar with Perl 6?

No problem! The week before, Oslo Perl Mongers are organizing two talks about Perl 6, just so you can come prepared! :)

• 🖝 Fifty Shades of Perl ( (Damian Conway, separate signup)

• 🖝 Everyday Perl 6 ( (Damian Conway, separate signup)

The meetups are free and open for all, but remember to sign up!