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Hackeriet = 10; Who is in charge of the Internet?

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Salve J. N. and Silje N.
Hackeriet = 10; Who is in charge of the Internet?


IMPORTANT: This event has been POSTPONED due to the Corona virus situation in Oslo. Next mathematically fortuitous date is τ-day (June 28th)! Please set aside that date and/or update your participation! Changes in the scheduling (or date) may still occur.

– A short introduction to Internet Governance –

The term «Internet Governance» is an expression to define all actors and agencies who govern the Internet. But who are they, and what is this governing power they claim to hold? This session gives a short introduction to the term «Internet Governance», and looks closer at some of the more prominent bodies to see who are involved and how they work, and is it possible for you or me to make an actual difference?

Maja Enes has a background in Psychology and social work. She published the book «Internett Internett Internett» in 2019, to give people without a technical background the opportunity to be able to learn how Internet infrastructure works. This book was born out of the frustration Maja struggled with when she, as a newly appointed chair of the Norwegian Chapter of the Internet Society, tried to learn how Internet works. The last 5 years she has been working freelance and writes about things she does at, for example has she written about when she held a small soldering course at Hackeriet in 2015.

This talk is part of Hackeriet's 10-year day! Check out the full schedule at

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Hausmanns gate 34 · Oslo
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