Hackeriet = 10; Interactive serial communication

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Hausmannsgate 34 · Oslo

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This talk with be at "Flerbrukshallen" at Hausmania, Hausmannsgate 34. We'll set up signs and keep the doors open, but if you are late and the door is closed, try using Hackeriet's door bell: https://door.hackeriet.no/

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IMPORTANT: This event has been POSTPONED due to the Corona virus situation in Oslo. Next mathematically fortuitous date is τ-day (June 28th)! Please set aside that date and/or update your participation! Changes in the scheduling (or date) may still occur.


Øyvind Kolås will tell us about his experiences writing his own ANSI/ECMA-48/vt100 engine, and how he (via some dev-fuzzing) stumbled upon this bug: https://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/screen.git/commit/?id=eb2be1adf92d58bd8f4ca3458eb04da38bf33c2b

This talk on interactive serial communications might touch upon some of the following terms: baud, baudot, ascii, cp850, latin1, unicode, DEC, rs232, vt100, ANSI/ECMA-48, ansi.sys, telix, RIP, ReGIS, sixels, BBS, terminal emulator, tty, ssh/telnet NAWS, ascii-art, ansi-art, aalib, caca, chafa, tv. If any of this peaks your interest, come on down!

Øyvind Kolås is a digital media toolsmith, creating tools and infrastructure to aid creation of his own and others artistic and visual digital media experiments. He is the maintainer and lead developer of GIMPs next generations engine, babl/GEGL - infrastructure libraries where he for the more than the last decade have been working actively on providing high bitdepths, HDR, CMYK and non-destructive editing and capabilities/possibilities to GIMP - and other software. You can read more about Øyvind on his Patreon page (https://www.patreon.com/pippin).

This talk is part of Hackeriet's 10-year day! Check out the full schedule at https://blog.hackeriet.no/hackeriet-10/

NOTE: This workshop is scheduled in parallel with the following talk:
* Learn lock picking! https://www.meetup.com/hackeriet/events/269094753/