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WORKSHOP - Intro to malware analysis and reversing

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Hans-Petter F.
WORKSHOP - Intro to malware analysis and reversing


Introduction to malware analysis and reversing techniques

This workshop will introduce you to tools and techniques for analysis and reversing binary malware files.

This event is in-person only, and has no strict end-time. Two hours should be plenty. Up to the people involved. Intro-level skill expected on your side, you know general computer stuff already.

You should bring:

  • A computer where you are administrator
  • A vm with Windows and Mandiats Flare VM.
  • The ability to disable any blocking anti-malware software
  • Some understanding of infosec and what risks are associated with activities like this.

The host:
Jan Petter Berg Nilsen is a lecturer in this topic at NTNU and built up the IR capacity in Defendable, today he is head of Incident Response at Sopra Steria.

(event photo by DALL-E)

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Hausmanns gate 34 · Oslo
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