• Streamlined Fuzzy Logic Inference Development for Anti-Phishing

    Streamlined Fuzzy Logic Inference Development for Anti-Phishing

    There are not many opportunities to learn the use of fuzzy logic without a detailed coding learning curve. This presentation makes an effort to provide the important and practical concepts of fuzzy logic while applying it to anti-phishing solutions.
    This discussion will take the form of both a presentation and a workshop. After some coverage of the phishing problem and the mechanics of fuzzy logic inferencing, the audience will participate in a workshop that demonstrates a streamlined approach to implementing a fuzzy inference system. Two components are covered: (1) The IEC[masked] standard of a Fuzzy Control Language and (2) Scalablurry (https://github.com/raygarcia/scalablurry), a platform independent Scala fuzzy logic library that also processes IEC[masked] standard scripts. The goal is to build runnable implementations using these two components as a streamlined approach against existing phishing data sets. Only a minimal effort is required to get set up on a laptop for anyone to participate. Instructions will also be provided.

    About the Presenter- Raymond Garcia, Ph.D.

    Ray is experienced as both an applied researcher and a practitioner in the public sector and across several areas in the private sector that include the telecommunications, pharmaceutical, and banking industries. Within these industries, Ray has used a variety of technologies in applying natural language processing, numerical techniques, and machine learning to subject matters that include insider threat, information assurance, and situational awareness.

    Ray has a BS (Temple U.), ME (Penn State), and Ph.D. (Georgia Tech) in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Applied Mathematics.

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