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What we’re about

***Prospective Members: Thank for your application! We believe Hacker Women is a critical resource to the community, and we want YOU to be a part of our team.  The team of active members quickly filled to capacity, but we're doing our part to actively explore how to expand our resources to include a larger subset of women technologist team members, and whole community.

A handful of open source resources are available:

DMs are open if you'd like to get in touch!

Thank you again for your interest and patience while we grow our resources and team capabilities.   

Sincerely, W ***


Hacker Women is a society of women who research, practice & disseminate all kinds of security tradecraft together.  We foster an inclusive competitive spirit, working as an adaptive team to train, build, and win competitions in multi-disciplinary security wargaming arenas.  The community is ethical, hands on, and self-empowering; together we lead, learn, and build.

Areas of Study:

• Attack & Defend (Capture the Flag)

•  Amateur Radio

• Wireless Prototyping & Games

• Physical Security

• OPSEC & Privacy

• Self Defense

• Defcon Preparedness

Hacker Women has impact across the whole community when we open our long term projects for audience participation.  Please stay tuned to the Hacker Women Twitter Feed: for additional information