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The Museum Technology User Group (MTUG), co-organized with the South Western Ontario Heritage Council (SWOHC) is a meet-up for arts, culture and heritage sector workers who would like to learn more about technology and its applications in galleries, libraries, archives, museums, and heritage organizations. The group will meet to discuss tools and how to use them, what resources are available and even explore hands-on activities.

This session we'll be taking a look at ways of using technology to assist with cataloguing. If you have a cataloguing story, please send me an email! We'd love to have you come and tell the group about your process, the successes and roadblocks, and how things are working for you now. This includes projects that didn't work out the way you'd hoped! Knowing about the challenges others have faced can help us prepare for upcoming projects.

Some ideas include
-Cataloguing softwares you like/don't like
-Data entry challenges
-Cloud cataloguing using Google Drive or other shared resources
-Moving from a paper catalogue to a digital one
-Backing up your catalogues

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