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Hadoop has become the synonym for distributed computing and Big Data. The Hadoop User Group Ireland is a forum to discuss data analytics related questions. Our scope is broad and not focused on a particular Big Data framework. Our purpose is to raise awareness of the benefits and use cases of data analytics applications for your organisation. We will run multiple events and workshops throughout the year. There will be something for everyone: typical Hadoop use cases, technical tips and tricks and best practices, case studies, data architecture, trends and emerging technologies, ROI calculations etc.

We also have a group on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/Hadoop-User... (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/Hadoop-User-Group-Ireland-HUG-8242165)

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Building a realtime cloud data warehouse in 4 simple steps

Building a realtime cloud data warehouse in 4 simple steps Learn how to model, load, and discover insights from a real-time cloud data warehouse in 4 simple steps. Step 1: Using bike sharing data we will design a data warehouse data model via the Data Vault modeling pattern - the next generation data modelling methodology. This design is agile friendly, supports massively parallel ETL, and by its nature leads to a fast turnaround on requirements. 80% of data warehouses in the Netherlands are implemented using the Data Vault approach. Step 2: We will deploy the Data Vault data model on Snowflake and build a virtual data mart for reporting and dashboards . Snowflake is a true data warehouse as a service - it was purpose built for the cloud. With its scalability, decoupling of storage & compute, and a pay per use billing model, Snowflake is the #1 cloud data platform. Step 3: We will stream data from our SQL Server source database into the new Data Vault on Snowflake using Fivetran. Fivetran is a cloud based heterogeneous data pipeline supporting batch processing or streaming, can adjust to source schema changes automatically, and provides a plethora of connectors. Step 4: We will load the data into the DataChemist Knowledge Graph to find and visualise hidden connections and derive new insights. The DataChemist Knowledge Graph acquires and integrates information and applies a reasoner to infer new knowledge. With DataChemist you can trivially traverse vast datasets and answer the connection oriented questions that matter. DataChemist’s Knowledge Graph perfectly dovetails with the Data Vault data model. Where: HQ GW 107, Greenway Hub DIT Grangegorman Dublin 7 Parking: You can find parking on Lower Grangegorman Road. What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event? The DIT campus at Grangegorman is located in the heart of Dublin and is just 1km from O’Connell Street. Detailed information on how to get there can be viewed http://www.dit.ie/campuslife/transport/ You can find parking on Lower Grangegorman Road.

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