[register at bay.area.ai] We Are AI: Bay Area AI Community Showcase

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This is a cross-post at a partner meetup for a free community showcase spanning multiple Bay Area meetups. Please register at bay.area.ai (https://www.meetup.com/bay-area-ai/events/237433699/).

Note: the global AI showcase is starting on March 6-8 at AI By the Bay (http://ai.bythebay.io/). Join us for the tour de force of open-source AI and a rooftop party every night! Use the code BAYAREAAI for maximum discount (while supplies last). The top-voted projects of the community showcase will get free tickets to the conference and a chance to pitch.


Folks -- as the community is growing and most companies venture into AI, let's have a mega-showcase of the current AI projects across the Bay Area!

Please describe your project here:


We'll select as many good projects as we can for 5-10 minute presentations.

If you'd like to present a full-length talk (20-40 minutes), please submit it via CFP at data.bythebay.io (http://data.bythebay.io/) for June 3-4.

We need a good venue for 2-3 hour event and lots of seats for as many companies as we can feature.

This is a free meetup and both presenters and attendees come from the meetup community. We are celebrating our meetups as true community events driven by the technologists. We'll run a list of all partner meetups at bay.area.ai (http://bay.area.ai/).

If you want to sponsor food/drinks, contact Alexy at [masked].