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Scale By the Bay 2020 begins this Thursday!

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Scale By the Bay 2020 begins this Thursday!


Folks -- the first-ever online SBTB is this week!

The online ticket is a already a low $125, and we give you 20% off that with SFHADOOP20:

Some highlights:

Martin Odersky opens SBTB on 11/12 with

Countdown to 3!

Matei Zaharia and Anima Anandkumar keynote

Li Haoyi, Getting Things Done in the Scala REPL

Julien Truffault, Monocle 3: a peek into the future

Adam Warski, Project Loom? Better Futures? What’s next for JVM concurrent programming

Prof. Bayer, the co-creator of B-trees, presents C-chain: the Integration of 5G and real time Blockchain

Shameera Rathnayaka of Spotify, Materialize Typeclasses with Magnolia

Justin Heyes-Jones, YoppWorks, Applicative: The Origin Story

Steve Cosenza, Twitter, Rebuilding Twitter’s public API

Greg Kesler, Intuit, Query Planning in GraphQL

Lei Gao, Workday Goku Flow: A Self-Service Data Pipeline Builder

Prashant Sharma, IBM, Apache Spark meets FIPS standard

Dean Wampler, Domino Data Labs, Ray: A System for High-performance, Distributed Machine Learning Applications

Dirk Slama, VP Co-Innovation, Bosch, AIoT: Why now? And How To?

Antje Barth, AWS, Put Your Machine Learning on Autopilot

We have three debate panels we are (in)famous for:

Will AI Kill Programming?

Were Microservices a Huge Mistake?

Programming Languages in the Era of the Cloud

See the full program at, and register!

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