Blazor by Peter Shaw

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Front end development has never had so much attention as it does at the moment, but what if you could use your favourite back end language instead of having to task switch between different languages?

Well, the folks that do JavaScript have been able to do that for a long time now, thanks to NodeJS, but now there’s something new on the scene, something that’s be growing quietly but slowly in the background, and you’ve probably heard all about it.

It’s called “Web Assembly”, and it’s allowed many Language providers to start re-imagining how we might want to do front end development in the future.

One very good case of this is “BLAZOR”, blazor is to put it simply “C# Programming that allows you to code directly in the browser”, you can now ditch Angular, React, Vue and all those complex JavaScript hooligans, and write your browser based applications directly in C# using the power of the .NET API.

It’s still in very early stages, but making exceptionally good headway, so come join me for a 60 minute session and I’ll show you what’s happening and where we currently are with this fast moving target so far, this could change your view of browser programming for ever.