What we're about

HaintonDotNet NE is a free .NET meetup that takes place in Newcastle on the last Tuesday of every month.

There's a different topic covered every month; subjects in the past have included: .NET Core, Azure ML, Blazor and Typescript.

There's plenty of free drinks and pizza too.

Yes, we are a recruitment company but please don't be worried about any hard selling. We put these events on for visibility - not to promote ourselves or any vacancies we're working on.

Here's a link to a tweet a previous speaker wrote about our events: https://twitter.com/ShahidDev/status/1034929243602513922

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A build pipeline for a .NET lambda in CircleCI - how hard can it be?

TusPark Newcastle Eagle Labs

A talk presented by James Murphy - SaleCycle A sequence like: Build -> Package -> Test -> Deploy -> Promote -> Deploy Doesn't look to be particularly hard but it turns out that there are a number of obstacles that one has to overcome along the way to meet the needs we have. This talk, is a worked example that forms an experience report and aims to highlight some of the things we've learnt in creating build/test/deploy pipelines in CircleCI for AWS Lambda functions and for containerised services deployed to ECS (to meet the requirements I aspire to). We're doing some things right, we could still do a lot better, and we're learning as we go…

'Beginning Blazor with Bacon' - Teesside Event

Commerce House

Beginning Blazor with Bacon is a talk hosted by Ben Haddleton Application Development Lead and UK Tech Master at Accenture. The talk is designed to give an overview of Blazor, what problem it is trying to solve, what it's capabilities are, comparing it to other methodologies that we likely already know, leading to a bit of a demo around some of the functionality. As part of the talk, you will also get to watch Ben make a tenuous link between Bacon and Blazor. Please note, there will be no actual bacon provided during the talk unless it is a topping on the pizzas provided!

"Typescript: Newbie to Tech Lead in 3 Months" by Phillip Johnson

TusPark Newcastle Eagle Labs

We'll begin by looking at Typescript's relationship with javascript, the value in using typesecript and a brief look at some simple types before delving deeper into a geeky world of types, type inference, type widening and refining, and generics. We'll look at union types, intersection types, how Typescript compares types to see if they are assignable, function signatures and classes before finishing with some newer, experimental Typescript features like decorators.

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Christmas Party (INVITE ONLY)

Slug & Lettuce Newcastle Central

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