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The Hamilton Blockchain Meetup exists to further the adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in our city. We want this meet up to be inclusive of our entire community, with anyone able to contribute to and host events. Whether you're an experienced developer or a newcomer to the space, The Hamilton Blockchain Meetup should provide you with a platform to learn and educate.

Let's build a decentralized community together.


• Not able to make it to Hamilton? Attend events online from the Hamilton Blockchain Jitsi Room (best to join on a Chrome browser - will not work in Brave).


• Follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/HamontBitcoin) for event updates!

• Have something to present? Send us a message on Meet Up!

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The 0x Project: Powering Decentralized Exchange with 0x Developer Greg Hysen

Last year we looked at Decentralized vs Centralized Exchanges with Radar Relay's Connor Herman. This year we walked you through using Veil to create prediction markets. Now we're going to dedicate an entire meetup to a project doing great things in the blockchain and crypto space - The 0x Project. 0x provides an open protocol for peer-to-peer decentralized exchange. As more and more assets are becoming tokenized, the risks of a single point of failure of a centralized exchange has increased the demand for alternative methods of tokenized exchange. 0x has been focused on solving many challenges faced by decentralized exchange adoption such as liquidity, speed and actual usability. Join us as we follow up on past meetups and take a deeper dive into what is possible with 0x Protocol. We'll examine the whitepaper, walkthrough the OTC interface, and close off with an open discussion of possible use cases of exchanging token sets and ERC-721 tokens as collectables. ------------------ Attend our meetup online (not available in Brave): https://coinaccord.io/Hamilton-Blockchain-Meetup/

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