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The Hamilton Blockchain Meetup exists to further the adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in our city. We want this meet up to be inclusive of our entire community, with anyone able to contribute to and host events. Whether you're an experienced developer or a newcomer to the space, The Hamilton Blockchain Meetup should provide you with a platform to learn and educate.

Let's build a decentralized community together.


• Not able to make it to Hamilton? Attend events online from the Hamilton Blockchain Jitsi Room (best to join on a Chrome browser - will not work in Brave).


• Follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/HamontBitcoin) for event updates!

• Have something to present? Send us a message on Meet Up!

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Community Member Speaker Series: Investing to Regulations in the Crypto Space.

Our members, with all of their unique experiences and knowledge, are taking over the meetup this month to present topics that are outside of our wheelhouse - but well within theirs. Join us as the members below walk us through a 15-20 minute presentation on a topic of their choosing. These topics are as diverse as our members, so we hope there's something of interest for everyone! "Trading to Accumulate" Presented by Dan L. Meet Dan, a passionate crypto trader who will explain his goals and process for trading, while answering your questions and sharing resources for you to start your own trading career. "Primer: Recent AML Legislative Update" Presented by Rodney M. New regulations are dropping in early July that will have an effect on cryptocurrencies. Rodney from Outlier Canada will quickly introduce us to the changes - but keep an eye out for next month's meetup when he will be going much more in depth! "Decentralized Energy for Decentralized Economies" Presented by Chris C. Chris from Grayblock Power will discuss how the energy industry is undergoing transformational change and that it is moving towards building more decentralized assets such as wind and solar. Consumers are looking for more choice in how their energy is produced and distributed. Blockchain technology and asset backed tokenization platforms stand to revolutionize the industry by providing a new market for energy to be sold in "Sinovate: Strengthening Mass Adoption" Presented by Greg S. SINOVATE is a new peer-to-peer digital currency and ecosystem which creates unique and modern Blockchain products, services and solutions. Join Greg as he walks us through the whitepaper and a brief analysis of how he has analyzed and assessed this project. ------------------ Attend our meetup online (not available in Brave): https://coinaccord.io/Hamilton-Blockchain-Meetup/

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