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What we’re about

The Hamilton Trail Blazers are an outdoor enthusiast group serving the Hamilton and surrounding areas. We are the oldest most established outdoors/hiking group in south western Ontario. We feature outdoor events for all skill levels; Hiking, mountain biking, cycling, kayaking and social gatherings. We have events at a variety of times, places, and days. We will try just about any outdoor activities.
Our objective is to share our love of the outdoors with new people and get together with other like minded people to enjoy the outdoors in an sustainable and ecofriendly way with integrity.
Once you join, your first event is free, and then if you decide to join us for more fun, our membership fee is ten dollars for twelve months. Fees are payable in cash to the event leader or by e-transfer/Paypal to
To all Pending Members: This is a small group, and if you don't get added as a member right away, nothing personal. For safety, there is a screening and verification process. In order to join, you need to be screened, and that's not always immediate. In order to be accepted into the group, we need you to upload a personal photo of yourself only to your Trailblazer profile. This is not to judge your appearance but for identification and safety. For identification purposes, please use a photo in which your face is discernible. We also recommend for your privacy and safety to not to use your full name as your username. Your first name or first name and last initial work fine. i.e. "Paul P". \

We frown upon No-Shows as this wastes the time of the event hosts and other group members. Please change your R.S.V.P. status if you decide not to come to an event you have signed up for.