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Are you a working (WM) or stay-at-home mother (SAHM) looking for playgroups, activities and/or events in your town or surrounding area? Come meet other moms, like yourself, and their children at The Hamilton (Mercer County, N.J.) MOMS Club® – a friendly group of 25+ stay-at-home and working moms in their 20’s, 30’s & 40’s, with children ranging from newborn to elementary school age. We are a local chapter of The International MOMS Club®, a non-profit organization.

Children are welcome at all of our activities. Our #1 purpose is to form a network of support for our moms. We host weekly playgroups, often times with crafts and guest speakers, as well as monthly Moms Night Outs. We also attend community events/activities, collectively fundraise/adopt a local charity as well as celebrate each other’s milestones.

Our club hosts two (3) weekly playgroups -every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning. These are mentioned in The Hamilton Post’s Monthly Event Section. Many of our moms utilize these playgroups because it not only offers support, but allows for their infants and toddlers to meet other local children. We also host/plan events and activities after school hours for school-age and/or working moms as well as weekend events for families.

The MOMS Club® is not based on race, religion or financial stability. In order to join our group, moms must attend at least one (1) event so that members of our executive board can meet you and your child. Moms may attend up to two (2) events before deciding to join. Once you join, the yearly fee is $30 and this will allow you access to our Meetup and Facebook pages.

All member activities/events can be seen on our Meetup calendar and private Facebook group page (our public Facebook page is for recruiting purposes). As a precaution, we don’t allow non-members to access our Meetup/Facebook pages. This is for the safety of our members and their children.

Below are a few more benefits to joining our group:

-An elected executive board that not only manages our chapter, but coordinates with MOM’s Club International. Many of our board members have listed their elected positions on their resumes and utilized fellow board members as references for jobs after moving on from our club/children aging out.

-MOM’s Club MeetUp & Facebook page

-Different Types of Membership:

General Membership: $30. All new members must start as general members. This membership allows access to social media, all playgroups, activities and events for both moms and children.

MOM’s Club Alumni Member: $15. This is for alumni members who want to participate in a limited membership. This may be due to demanding commuting/work schedules, children who aged out, an out-of-town move, etc., but they still want to keep-in-touch and attend MNO events.

-Hamilton MOM’s Club Alumni Group (a way for former & current members to connect)

-Hamilton MOM’s Club Special Needs Group (a resource & support group for our parents with a special needs child)

-Exclusive partnership with Robbinsville MOM’s Club (team up and attend local events together)

-Monthly MNO (MOMS Night Out)

-HOOT/HOWL Club – for families whose spouse travels/works late/commutes long hours.

-Relationship with Hamilton YMCA & Hamilton Township Community & Government

-Discounts for/at/with local community businesses (many of whom were/are members)

-Access to local community events and organizations

-Speakers: educational or for community relations purposes

-Dad’s Club (spouses of Hamilton MOM’s Club)

-Annual MOM’s Club events – charitable, recruiting, family, and/or fundraising

-COMING SOON (on a trial basis): separate weekly playgroups/playdates for Grandparents who care for grandkids, Dad’s who care for young kids, MOM’s with toddlers, MOM’s with infants, MOM’s with preschoolers, and Hoot & Howl club for spouses who work shiftwork and long hours.

If you are a mom residing in Hamilton Township, N.J. (Mercer County) and are interested in learning more, please email us at hamiltonmomsclub@gmail.com for more information. If you live in another town, please visit The International MOMS Club® website http://www.momsclub.org (http://www.momsclub.org/) to find your local chapter. Please keep in mind that not all chapters have a website. You can always email The International MOMS Club® at support@momsclub.org to locate a local chapter or to help you find one if your town does not currently have one.

For more information on our organization, please visit: https://www.momsclub.org/about.html . If you are interested in advertising, please email us at: hamiltonmomsclub@gmail.com and the correct contact will get back to you. You may also find us at: https://www.meetup.com/hamiltonmoms

About The MOMS Club® of Hamilton

We are a local chapter of a non-profit organization, The International MOMS Club®, which is specifically designed for at-home mothers. The MOMS Club® is a wonderful way for you to meet other at-home moms and a fun way for your children to meet other at-home kids. Staying at home to raise your children is an important decision and you are not alone; The MOMS Club® is there to support you. Check out Momsclub.org for more info.




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