What we're about

This group intends to be a place to discuss and form community around Spirituality and Intuitive-based living for those in the Hammond and surrounding areas.

We'll talk and share about topics such as:

* Spiritualism
* Intuition/Clairvoyance
* Mediumship/Spirit communication
* Kirtan/Mantra/Sound healing
* Oracle cards/Intuitive divination
* Angels/Spirit guides
* Shamanism/Animism
* Ascension/Ascended Masters
* Animal communication
* Lightworking/Energy work
* Prayer and Meditation; etc.

This group might be good for you if:

* You consider yourself "spiritual but not religious," with a deep reverence for earth/nature, and have had trouble finding local community
* You experience things like premonition, predictive dreams, or other psychic phenomena that you feel uncomfortable talking about in other spaces
* You have experience in lightworking or "the clairs" (clairvoyance, claircognizance, etc.), and are looking to connect with those called to similar paths

We are here to share and learn from each other in an atmosphere that RESPECTS and HONOURS the spiritual. We are *not* here to form discussions around atheism or non-belief, satanism or "black magic," or to abuse spiritual laws for reckless personal gains. It is also *not* all right to use group time to convert or convince anyone about any specific belief system. If we can be respectful of this, and of each other's personal spiritual journey and experience, the group can and will flourish!

As of right now, we will meet roughly once a month, on Sunday afternoons, so stay tuned for regular upcoming events!

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Sunday Spirituality: Cafe Chat

Courtyard Cafe

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