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HoA #46: Engage the Agile Fluency® Model with Diana Larsen

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HoA #46: Engage the Agile Fluency® Model with Diana Larsen



Join Agile innovator Diana Larsen for a lively engagement with the Agile Fluency Model®. After a short introduction to AFM, we’ll shift to an AMA-style discussion (Ask Me Anything) of the groundbreaking view of agile and teams. Then, learn about an inclusive, positive, improvement-oriented approach to guiding Agile choices.

And check out Diana’s latest book, Lead without Blame: Building Resilient Learning Teams, available for preorder now and shipping on September 27. You can ask questions about it too!

How to Prepare Yourself

For more background, view the short video and/or check out the free downloadable eBook, then come to the event with your questions ready:

Meet Diana

The agile community knows Diana Larsen for her contributions to the foundations and extensions of Agile thought and practices. As consulting partner, mentor, and speaker, she’s worked with forward-looking leaders throughout her career.

Diana co-authored several influential books. Liftoff: Start and Sustain Successful Agile Teams, 2nd ed. gives clear instructions for chartering and setting a tone for productive teamwork. In Five Rules for Accelerated Learning, leaders find guidance for supporting more effective learning. Agile Retrospectives provides a framework for team learning and improvement. (2nd edition coming later in 2022!) The Agile Fluency® Model: A Brief Guide to Success with Agile is available as a free eBook.

The past year she provided content for James Shore’s The Art of Agile Development, 2nd edition.

Diana also has been hard at work pair-writing the upcoming book, Lead Without Blame: Building Resilient Learning Teams with Tricia Broderick (available mid-2022).

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