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HoA #55: Designing Agile Ecosystems with Org Topologies™

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HoA #55: Designing Agile Ecosystems with Org Topologies™


Abstract: Designing Agile Ecosystems with Org Topologies™

Over the past decade, heavyweight methods like SAFe® have dominated the agile landscape, offering tools for “scaling agile.” Yet questions arise about their prescriptive nature and genuine agility.

Framework-agnostic approaches like Team Topologies™ and unFix™ have recently emerged, offering more flexible, “buffet-style” organizational design choices. However, they demand a deep understanding of organizational design, systems thinking, and queuing theory to avoid pitfalls.

Org Topologies™ bridges the gap between rigid frameworks and DIY methods by emphasizing ecosystems—interconnected organizational parts that exhibit specific behaviors. Co-creators Alexey Krivitsky and Roland Flemm will introduce a method to navigate and improve organizational ecosystems for agility.

Learn more about Org Topologies™.

Meet Alexey Krivitsky

Alexey Krivitsky, a pioneer Scrum Master in Ukraine since 2005, is a CST, CEC, and organizational agility coach. He’s a notable conference producer and speaker and created the lego4scrum game.

Alexey on LinkedIn.

Meet Roland Flemm

Roland Flemm transitioned from a 20-year developer career to a Scrum Master in 2009, specializing in large-scale Scrum consultations from 2015. An active conference speaker, he created the Koos Coach comics and “Elements of Scrum” learning cards.

Roland on LinkedIn.

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