What we're about

This group intends to be a place to explore the world of microcontrollers such as Arduinos and the many ways they can connect to each other and the outside world.

The meetup is mostly aimed at beginners in the Arduino/microcontroller/sensor-networks world, but it would of course be great if more experienced people could come to participate and/or show some of their projects.

The main theme of the meetup currently is home automation, using a network of Arduinos (and possibly other microcontrollers, etc.) in conjunction with OpenHAB running on a Raspberry Pi. At this point we are using I2C for (wired) communication between Arduinos and RPi, and will then certainly move on to other ways to communicate (wifi, bluetooth, etc.) as well as other microcontrollers (ESP8266, etc.).

You can read about what we have done so far (which is very little) on the meetup forum:


You can just follow along and help while we work on the home automation project (there is a projector in the room so everybody can see what we do), or bring your own projects to show and discuss.

We have spent a lot of time in the last few meetings introducing Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc., and now need to concentrate on moving forward with the project. New-comers are still absolutely welcome, but it would be nice if you could have a look at the forum (especially the thread linked above) to have an idea of what this is about.

There is very limited material available at the UPF, so if you want to try things and not just watch (and talk) it's best to bring your own.

The meetup started as a spin-off of an online course at peer-to-peer university. While there is no direct relation anymore, you can still sign up for the online course here (https://p2pu.org/en/login/?next=/en/courses/831/signup/).

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Sigfox Workshop

UPF Communication campus - Poblenou

HackLab: All about Arduino and its connections to the world

UPF Communication campus - Poblenou, room 55.230 (Tanger building)

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