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Happiness Meditation ~ 25 minutes long plus integration time

There are 5 5-minute segments which include:

A breathing technique with a particular hand mudra 5 min

4 other 5 min vipasana segments with a different focus each, a gong will sound to signify the next focus

Participants are sharing reports of:




*Improved Health

*Auspiciousness around health, wealth, and relationships

*Healing of hurts in family relationships

Chakra Dhyana

“Chakra Dhyana” is a very powerful meditation practiced and known to Indian seers for over 5000 years. This practice basically involves 3 important components: awareness, visualization and sound vibration. Activation of the seven main chakras opens up various doors of your consciousness and senses, thereby connecting you with your divinity.

As each of the chakra energy comes alive, we clear and heal our issues that are reflected in each chakra. And so we can find ourselves in a wonderful alignment, integration and flow with our true nature. This process of alignment and integration is an ongoing process.

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