What we're about

Many of the talks are filmed. You can watch past talks on our YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWEniLMoM_svAIRPQqzPnnTN061B5w3lg).

HDDG is a discussion group focused on developing electronic hardware / software / electronic products.

Discussions are themed around a topic (could be RF, could be using FPGA tools or a favorite compiler, could be PCB layout, could be supply-chain-fu, and others) and may include educators, professionals, hackers, makers, entrepreneurs, and anyone else with the intended goal of teaching people about electronics design.

During the meetup, there is time allocated for demonstrations, requests for help, and community announcements.

Likewise, time is allocated for "office-hours" where you can meet presenters and ask questions. If you feel you have something to teach or something you aim to learn, if you want to know more about building electronic products, about gaming the supplychain or manufacturing process, etc. we encourage you to attend. If you'd like to present, let us know at hardware@suppyframe.com.

Past events (49)

HDDG 43: Flexing on Flexures (and a happy hour!)

Supplyframe / Hackaday San Francisco Office

HDDG 42: The Answer To Life, The Universe, And Everything

Supplyframe / Hackaday San Francisco Office

HDDG 41: Biohacking And Implantable RFIDs

Supplyframe / Hackaday San Francisco Office

Piqued x HDDG Present Andrew Belt with VCV Rack

Supplyframe / Hackaday San Francisco Office