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HeyHashi is a patient-driven support community for people struggling with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. We believe Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is reversible through a holistic approach to treatment. Our mission is to:

Create connections between patients and top experts.

*Monthly webinars with practitioners and patients

*Our annual Healing Hashimoto’s Summit

*A growing directory of recommended practitioners

Curate resources from trusted sources.

*Book, article, and media recommendations

*An active and engaged online community

*Personal stories shared by those who have achieved remission

Inspire change through advocacy, research, and education.

*Empowering people to live symptom-free

*Drive awareness of the power of functional medicine

*Campaign for routine thyroid panel testing

We host expert-led webinars once a month and will share the RSVP details here in advance of each new date.

At these webinars you can:

*Learn from other people’s successful experiences

*Discover treatment approaches and information you may not know about

*Be empowered to find the support that works for you

*Ask questions to the experts

*Become part of a larger community of those working toward healing

Remember, you are not alone! Whether you have been dealing with this disorder for many years or have been recently diagnosed, join us for monthly evenings of education n and support. Together we can create a life changing difference for you and others. We will meet once a month, create a network via Internet if desired, and in the future, provide opportunity and training for those interested in creating similar support groups in other areas or cities.

Fabienne Heymans & Pearl Thomas, Co-Founders

PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING HERE: http://www.heyhashi.org

As you can imagine, fulfilling this mission is not easy. We struggle with Hashimoto’s ourselves and we’re a young organization headed by a lean but incredibly hardworking team. We have operational costs like all non-profits and our annual Summits are particularly costly. But we’re able to do what we do because we’re more than just an organization. HeyHashi is actually a community of tens of thousands of people working to achieve remission from Hashimoto’s together!

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