Self-paced Haskell Study Group


Hello Free Monads!

We're continuing our self-paced Haskell study group meetings in Workday.

Some of us are still working on the book Programming Haskell From First Principles but we've changed the approach of our meetings slightly: work at your own pace and join us regardless of the chapter you're working on, even if you're starting from chapter 1 right now. Beginners, intermediates and advanced Haskellers are all welcome! In fact, you're welcome to study Haskell with us using any material you like. Bring questions, discuss solutions, help others, and show off your progress!

Recommended learning materials:
• Haskell Programming From First Principles (highly recommended, get in touch if you need a discount: @fintan on Slack and [masked]) -
• Data61 Functional Programming Course (free) -
• Data61 Applied Functional Programming Course (free) -
• Whatever material you like!

For communications during and outside the meetings please join us in the #haskell-dublin-meetup channel in the "functionalprogramming" Slack workspace - sign up for free at We also recommend joining the #haskell, #haskell-beginners, #haskellbook, and #categorytheory channels, depending on your needs.

We hope to see you soon!